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Joe & Leslie

About a year before we planned to sell our home, my wife and I began to take an occasional Sunday and visit open houses in our neighborhood. Our intent was to get a good comparative value for our home by contrasting what was on the market and how it was priced, then following up on the length of time on the market and eventual selling price. We never thought about looking for a Real Estate agent during these explorations. To the extent that we'd thought about representation, we assumed we would probably go with one of the neighborhood "big guys", agents who had a large presence in the area and who had stopped by our home to chat over the past 25 years.

During one Sunday of open house-visiting we stopped in to visit an open house being hosted by Sherry Kolenda, and something quite unusual happened. I am an individual who likes to gather data, analyze the results, and come to conclusions slowly and thoughtfully. However, after just 10 minutes of talking to Sherry about the house she was sitting, the market in general, and our plans, I was so impressed by her that she immediately shot to the top of the list as a candidate to represent us in the sale of our home. When we left the open house, I spoke to my wife about it and she felt the same way. What so impressed us about her was her knowledge of Real Estate and the local market, a strong business sense, a level of confidence in the product she was representing, and an indefinable human connection on a personal level.

The meeting occurred several months before we were going to sell our home. A lot happened in those months, but Sherry always stayed in touch, with just the right level of persistence. When the time came to get moving, we began to interview agents. We first met with individuals my wife had met through her work. They were nice people and knowledgeable, but didn't express a passion for our home and were not in the local market. I researched the "big guys" that I always thought I would list with. When I saw one with 22 properties currently in some stage of the selling process, I thought "How is this person going to give me the level of personal attention I want and need?" Finally, saving the best for last, we had Sherry over. During the hour we spent with her, she exhibited all those qualities we had intuitively understood at our first meeting. We knew then that this was the person that would represent us.

Sherry developed a successful pricing and marketing plan and moved forward aggressively. The result was a quick sale at that exact price we were looking for. That's the success on the business side, but what I want to highlight is the personal care and attention Sherry gave us.

As first-time home sellers, we may have been naive about the process. Suffice it to say it was incredibly complicated and stressful. Sherry was like a rock in the raging river we could latch on to during those times when we just got fed up. Always calm, always available, always with good advice on both a business and personal level, she led us through some very rough spots. One evening she spent an hour on the phone calming my wife down, and I thought at the time, "Would the person with 22 properties on the market have the time or interest to deal with this?" The answer, of course, was no. In both the beginning and the end, it was Sherry's personal touch wrapped around her great business sense that made her the perfect agent for us.

If you want someone representing you who is an expert in the field, who will be passionate about your home, and who will guide you on a personal level, we could not recommend anyone more highly than Sherry Kolenda.

My Experience

Before meeting Sherry Kolenda, our previous experiences in the Real Estate market were less than ideal. As a young family, we moved several times in the past 5 years. The process of moving, getting a mortgage, signing thousands of incomprehensible documents, spending time with escrow officers, closing costs, mortgage brokers, inspectors, negotiations, etc., was always confusing and simply exhausting. After each experience, we have felt that this move was the last time. We felt that we would never move again simply to avoid the process of buying and selling a home. However, these negative feelings have been completely reversed thanks to the superior work of a Realtor named Sherry Kolenda.

Sherry truly went over and beyond the call of duty. Sherry Kolenda treated us as part of the family, not as her clients. She was genuine and looked out for our interests as she would have done for her own family. Because of her expertise and skill in the marketplace, we were able to move into our new dream home without a worry. It was almost too easy.

Thank you Sherry Kolenda. We feel fortunate to have found a genuine, friendly, skillful, and ultimately superior Realtor in a very competitive and often cunning Real Estate market. I would strongly recommend, without hesitation, Sherry Kolenda to anyone looking to have a pleasant experience in the ever-frustrating Real Estate market.

Sherry Kolenda is nothing less than a superior Realtor.

Victoria Emmons

Thanks again for all your help in finding my new home. You were patient and terrific to work with all along the way. And you can quote me on that in your advertisements!

Mike Mahony

I just wanted to take this (very belated) opportunity to thank you for your most professional real estate service. As you are aware, I had some very narrow parameters, with regard to my personal requirements. Your diligent efforts found me the "exact" Montana home that I was looking for. I have been here for a little more than a year now, and this home is everything I wished for, and more. Thank you again, and continued success in your real estate career.

Ronald and Nancy Typinski

Using Sherry Kolenda as our real estate agent was a definite plus for us. With Sherry's help and experience we had a very smooth and pleasurable transaction. There are so many details that go into selling a house. She prepared a very informative notebook and other paperwork which told any potential buyers just about everything that they could possibly wish to know about the property. Numerous ads were placed in newspapers and elsewhere giving the house lots of exposure. Any time she had a client interested in seeing the house, she would call to let us know ahead of time rather than just pop in unannounced which was very thoughtful on her part. The greatest compliment that we can give Sherry is that she listened to our concerns and then acted accordingly, finding us a serious buyer for our house. Sherry knows her job well and gets results.


I stopped by Windermere Real Estate on my week off looking for someone to show me through a generous list of properties i had found myself online. Sherry made herself available the next day to show me everything i wanted to see and some that i didn't find on my own. She provided helpful advice and insight when needed on everything from financing to thoughts on the properties, helping me through the entire process and easing some of my woes as a first time home buyer. At the end of the week, I had an accepted offer on a home that i felt good about. Sherry's work didn't stop there. She remained available at a moment's notice to answer questions or help in any way she could. I would recommend Sherry Kolenda to anyone buying or selling real estate in the Missoula area.

Jim D.

Well, Sherry, I know there is no such thing as a sure thing but this all started because I was looking at property and you called me and started talking about certain things that made sense when I had no sense of what I was doing. My family and I can never thank you enough for making that call but I will try. Your slogan..You dream. Sherry listens, is so much more true than anyone can ever imagine. You are the most driven, charismatic, kindest, most understanding person I that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and knowing. You knew exactly how to motivate us and guide us through what we needed to do....and to what we wanted to find. Again, I can never thank you enough but from everything I stand for as a person, I thank you. For everything you have done and will do to get us into our dream, thank you. For taking the time and listening to what we had to say....our wants and desires. But most of all thank you for calling me that day and guiding me to what my family and I were seeking. I know we are not finished and there is still a lot to do to get to the finish, but I trust and respect you to help us reach our goal. Thank you Sherry.

H. K.

As a first time home buyer, I had no idea what to expect from a Real Estate agent. Sherry Kolenda made sure I not only understood everything, but helped me every step of the way. She was excited with me, anticipated with me and eventually, with her diligence and hard work, rejoiced with me! She truly gave me a new life, in my new home. Sherry is an amazing agent who takes her clients hopes and dreams and makes them her own. And then turns them into reality. She's not just my agent, she has become like family.

Ralph and Jerri

We worked with Sherry Kolenda recently to find our perfect home. She made sure to show us only those properties that met our needs and wants. She was very
responsive and always got back to us within minutes to respond to our questions and inquiries. When it was time to purchase our home, Sherry was very thorough and efficient handling all paperwork. Her years of experience definitely shined thru. Sherry is a true professional but also delightful and fun to work with.